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Pay-as-you-go consumption-based IT infrastructure that deliver desired outcomes with hardware, software and expertise on-premises or in the cloud.

HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity helps you deliver the business outcomes your business demands. Take advantage of our suite of consumption-based IT solutions – designed, delivered and operated by HPE Pointnext – with elastic IT, enterprise-grade support and a simple, pay-as-you-go IT financial model, HPE GreenLake Flex Capacity, the leader in IT consumption models.

Faster time to value

Implement faster by leveraging modern, tested architectures for initial design. Grow and evolve ahead of needs with active capacity planning, so capacity is always ready to provision in minutes, not months, for the next project or customer.

Use-based costs

Benefit from cost on par with public cloud. Use a simple pay-as-you-go metric – you tell us what you need, we deliver it, and you pay for the outcome. Align IT spend to your business priorities with business-friendly payments.

Simplified IT experience

Put your resources where they add value, offload the rest to HPE, to optimise, operate, and support the full stack. Deliver reliability, availability, and resilience. Leverage the broad skills and efficiencies of HPE.

Proper control

Maintain control over compliance, privacy, data sovereignty, latency, and security. Gain the transparency of usage and cost that you need to effectively govern IT. Move to consumption-based IT at your pace.

IDC Technology Spotlight: “As-a-Service” IT consumption model for digital business innovation

According to IDC, “on-premise IT as a service” (capacity on demand) is a great fit for improving an organisation’s approach to IT consumption. This brings cloud-like agility and simplicity to the data centre and positions IT to better address digital business direction.

Consume IT as a Service

With seven years of experience pioneering consumption-based IT, HPE has the know-how to help your business’ infrastructure get there. And this is your blueprint to success.

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