Backup and Recovery Managed Service: Reduce downtime with a better backup strategy

Today’s businesses tolerate less downtime every year, so a reliable backup and recovery process can help your company recover quickly from any kind of outage. Threats and risks such as malware, ransomware or even user error and hardware failures can bring your business’s progress to a halt — leading to devastating downtime costs that can put your company out of business. The key to moving your business forward with resilience is a better solution to backup and recovery.

What are the three major costs of downtime? 

Revenue and sales

The average cost of downtime is at least $100,000 per hour across all industries and organizational sizes.
Customer loyalty and brand

Customers and partners need to trust the online platforms and services they use. Your business will struggle to maintain that trust if your data is compromised.

Regulatory Problems
Losing critical data can be a violation of federal and state regulations. This will expose your business to re-compliance costs and additional fines for the violation.

How can the Backup and Recovery Managed Service prevent downtime?

The Backup and Recovery Managed Service is a service that protects your data and saves your business from any downtime and loss. We utilize leading technology and processes via a cloud-based solution to safeguard your data.

  • Storing and protecting your backup data
  • Monitoring and managing your backups
  • Enabling a rapid and effective recovery when needed

Rapid recovery whenever your business needs it. Employees won’t ever lose their work in progress

Your business’s critical apps and data are monitored and continuously backed up providing you the best prevention and recovery available. Our quick and easy one-click recovery feature allows employees to easily start their own automated recovery in the event of any kind of data loss — saving time and reducing stress for everyone.

Three benefits of the Backup and Recovery Managed Service that may be relevant to your business: Reliable, monitored and managed backups

Our comprehensive backup and recovery service provides consistent monitoring and peace of mind that your data is safe and always accessible

The most secure backup for anti-malware and antivirus

Your data is kept secure via our unique approach of combining cloud backup with cyber protection capabilities.

Effective compliance reporting

Your critical data is protected with a data protection map that tracks the protection status of files. If they are not protected, an alert is created and sent to our team that can quickly rectify the issue.

We are more than backup: A team of experts and a service you can trust.

We work closely with our clients to deliver the best data protection solution to meet your business’s needs. We consider things like what data is most critical to your business operations, the industry you work in, and the different levels of access needed for your account.

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Vital Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery service can help keep your business running with a platform that gives you agility, availability and business acceleration. 

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