Frequently Asked Questions: Advanced Email Security Frequently asked questions on Advanced Email Security At A Glance Learn More Advanced Email Security Block email threats — including spam, phishing, business email compromise (BEC), account takeover (ATO), malware, advanced persistent threats (APTs) and zero days before they reach end-users’ Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, or any other mailboxes. At A Glance Learn More An MSP’s Guide to Endpoint Detection and Response It explains how EDR works and how it differs from traditional endpoint protection technology. It explores the benefits that EDR can bring to your MSP business. eBook Learn More Advanced Security + Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) With more than 60% of breaches now involving some form of hacking1, businesses must now turn to advanced security solutions and providers to help them combat today’s sophisticated threat landscape. At A Glance Learn More Managed Endpoint Security Services Whether you’re working with a provider on highly-specialized security projects, or outsourcing all IT, we support a wide range of highly effective and cost-efficient advanced cybersecurity technologies, like endpoint detection and response services. At A Glance Learn More Advanced Disaster Recovery Get clients back to business in minutes when disaster strikes by spinning up their systems in the Acronis Cloud and restoring them anywhere, ensuring immediate data availability. Make disaster recovery painless and increase efficiency with orchestration runbooks and automatic failover. At A Glance Learn More Unified Cybersecurity & Compliance Services At A Glance Learn More Governance, Risk & Compliance At A Glance Learn More Managed Cybersecurity & Compliance Service Provider (MCCP) MCCP is a holistic “stack” of cybersecurity & compliance services combined into one efficient managed program. Clients, partners, supply-chain, and regulators are increasingly demanding that organizations prove a degree of cybersecurity maturity tied to compliance with regulatory and best-practices frameworks. At A Glance Learn More Data Center At CSPi Technology Solutions, we provide adaptable, scalable, and cost-effective data center solutions designed to meet your present operational needs while accommodating future growth. At A Glance Learn More 5 Reasons to Select Juniper for Your Wired and Wireless Network Infographic Learn More You’re Ready for AIOps and Here’s How to Get There AIOps solutions should simplify end-to-end troubleshooting, offer self-driving network operations, and provide insight into client-to-cloud customer experience. Infographic Learn More Vital™ UCaaS Cisco IP Phone End User Guide This guide contains information and video demonstrations of the most commonly used features and functions of Vital™ Unified Communications as a Service (UCaas) Cisco IP phones. Guide Learn More Outsource Your Network with Affordable Monthly Costs – Aruba Solution Overview View Vital™ Managed Wireless Services The pervasiveness of wireless devices in the workplace has created an intensifying demand for safe and reliable wireless connectivity. You can trust CSPi to enhance your wireless capabilities in two ways; with CSPi Vital™ Managed Wireless Service that enables you to shift the responsibility of wireless net-work management to our experts and with CSPi Vital™ Wireless-asa- Service (WaaS), you can enhance your existing network capabilities by adding wireless without the investment in technology, skills or ongoing management. At A Glance View How to Develop a Ransomware Remediation Plan for Cyber Resiliency This eBook will walk through what to look for in a backup and recovery solution and how to build an effective ransomware remediation plan to ensure you can quickly respond to a cyberattack without paying any ransom. eBook Learn More Best Practices on How To Remediate a Ransomware Attack This guide will help you develop your ransomware remediation plan, so when an attack occurs, you can resume business operations quickly without paying a ransom. White Paper Read Now Visibility and Analytics in Hybrid Cloud 451 video interview with AWS and Michael Dickman, Gigamon CPO, discussing challenges, opportunities and best practices with visibility and analytics in hybrid cloud. Videos Learn More 7 Insights into Today’s Network Monitoring and Management Approaches Managing today’s complex networks isn’t an easy task to navigate. Network operations teams must contend with a variety of platforms along with multiple monitoring and security tools designed to keep the network secure and running smoothly. Infographic Learn More Closing the Cloud Visibility Gap Accelerating adoption of the cloud has become an imperative for every organization, driven by digital transformation initiatives, customer experience expectations, and the need for agility. eBook Learn More Emerge Victorious In the New Tomorrow The shift to work from home (WFH) happened for most organizations in a matter of days. In addition to trying to ensure both customer and employee user experiences, and improve security, many businesses have had to deal with frozen budgets and limited resources. eBook Learn More Outsource Your Network with Affordable Monthly Costs As organizations look for more efficient ways to utilize IT resources to meet growing mobile, BYOD and IoT expectations, many are opting to outsource their applications, security and networking needs. Cloud managed networks allow organizations with limited internal IT resources or know how to offload the deployment, management and monitoring of their network to trusted Managed Service Providers (MSPs), without having to do it themselves. Solution Overview Learn More Vital™ Managed Cloud Services Powered by Microsoft 365 As one of Microsoft’s Cloud Solution Providers, CSPi Technology Solutions offers comprehensive Microsoft 365 services. Our extraordinary engineers are focused on ensuring that your business is maximizing your investment in 365. At A Glance Learn Outsource your network management to an experienced Managed Service Provider (MSP) As organizations look for more efficient ways to utilize IT resources to meet growing demands from mobility, transition to cloud-based applications and influx of IoT devices, many are actively considering outsourcing their network management to local MSPs to keep pace with their rapidly changing business needs. Infographic Learn More Is your IT Holding your Business Back Overcome IT challenges with Vital™ Managed Service Provider and unlock your digital future. Infographic Learn More Eight Ways to Save Money and Maximize Value with Azure Infrastructure Businesses around the globe have been adjusting IT priorities to enable remote work and optimize costs and efficiencies while investing in smart ways to prepare for recovery and future growth. Accelerating the adoption of cloud computing and taking advantage of modern cloud infrastructure with Azure will help you achieve these goals. Infographic Learn More Transform Your Business with Microsoft Azure Vital Cloud Services provides Microsoft Azure a growing collection of integrated cloud services – including analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web – that help businesses move faster, reduce costs, and achieve better business results. At A Glance Learn More Transform Your Business with Microsoft 365 CSPi Technology Solutions’ Vital™ Managed Cloud Services provides industry-leading cloud services that are perfect for your business. With our Managed Cloud Services, you’ll save time, improve agility, scalability, and reduce overall costs. At A Glance Learn More Microsoft 365 Business Solution Vital Cloud Services enables you to work more securely from almost anywhere with a single, cost-effective solution that includes online meetings and your favorite Office applications. At A Glance Learn More Microsoft 365 Security Vital Cloud Services offers a greater security at lower cost with the expertise and power of Microsoft Security solutions At A Glance Learn More Microsoft 365 Security in the Cloud Microsoft 365 Security in the Cloud, Everything you need , wherever you need it, in one solutions. Solution Overview Learn More Vital Cloud – MS 365 Secure the Future Secure the future: Four key areas of intelligent security Identify and repel more threats than ever before with Microsoft Advanced Threat Protection, Azure Security, and Azure Sentinel. Infographic Learn More Vital Cloud Services – Microsoft 365 Security in the Cloud Infographic Our world has changed, and you need simple, secure solutions that help you transform your business and get things done from almost anywhere. Whether you’re adapting to remote work, serving your customers in new ways, or exploring different business models, Microsoft 365 for business can help you reach your goals. Infographic Learn More Vital™ Unified Communications as a Service – Solution Overview Collaboration is key to your business success, but it’s becoming more complex. There’s nothing like rich, effortless collaboration to truly magnify the power of people in an organization. Today’s increasingly dispersed organizations rely on communications and collaboration to power their most essential operations. However, as user and customer expectations rise, IT environments evolve, and work models change, you’re facing new issues in delivering and managing effective collaboration. Solution Overview Learn More Vital UCaaS Powered by Cisco – 7 Key Considerations for Modernizing Unified Communications Infographic Chances are you’re on a never-ending quest to help your business be more efficient, agile, and productive. Help reach those goals by embracing next-generation unified communications (UC) solutions. With the right UC technology, you can also realize better security, simplicity, scalability, and cost efficiencies. Infographic Learn More Vital Managed Wireless and Wireless as a Service – Aruba MSP Data Sheet MSPs can simplify customer network operations using Aruba Cloud Platform capabilities of zero-touch setup, centralized management of Aruba APs and switches, historical data reporting, PCI compliance monitoring, and troubleshooting for hundreds of customers. Data Sheet Learn More Vital UCaaS Powered by Cisco – The Case for Calling Using Cloud See why IT leaders are upgrading to cloud-based communications. Cloud-based unified communications systems are making it easier for IT leaders to improve agility, support digital transformation, and provide access to new and emerging features like video-enabled meetings, team collaboration, and contact center in the cloud. Infographic Learn More Vital UCaaS – Top 5 Reasons to Migrate to Cloud Calling By upgrading to Vital UCaaS Powered by Cisco, you’ll create efficiencies and empower your team with the ability to provide amazing customer experiences. Infographic Learn More Aruba ESP(Edge Services Platform) Solution Overview HARNESSING THE POWER OF THE INTELLIGENT EDGE! Every decade or so, we’ve seen the technology market undergo major shifts. Over the past few decades, those shifts have been driven by mobility and the cloud. Now we’re entering the next big shift: the era of data—but we’re not talking about data that’s generated in a cloud or a data center. We’re talking about data that is available where business is done—where users, devices, and things all come together. We call that the Edge. Solution Overview Learn More Vital MDR Powered by Aria CloudADR With Vital™ MDR service Powered by ARIA™ CloudADR organizations can dramatically improve their overall security posture alleviating these challenges for one flat rate. CSPi Technology Solutions’ Vital™ MDR service combines the expertise of our seasoned engineers with the ARIA™ CloudADR, a cloud based virtual SOC to provide around the clock protection from major attacks, intrusions, and breaches. At A Glance Learn More Vital™ Managed IT Services vs. In-House IT Vital™ Managed Services offers a full IT staff of certified system engineers that allows you to forget about your IT worries. By trusting us with your IT infrastructure frees up your time and resources to grow your business. Videos Learn More HPE GreenLake Everything as a Service Infographic HPE GreenLake brings the cloud to your apps and data, wherever they reside, by providing a robust as-a-service portfolio that drives flexibility and speed to market. Infographic Learn More HPE GreenLake Cloud Services HPE GreenLake delivers cloud services and infrastructure as-a-service for your top workloads – on-premises, fully managed in a pay-per-use model at the edge, in colocations, and in your data center. Videos Learn More ARUBA CLEARPASS POLICY MANAGER DATA SHEET Aruba’s ClearPass Policy Manager, part of the Aruba 360 Secure Fabric, provides role- and device-based secure network access control for IoT, BYOD, corporate devices, as well as employees, contractors and guests cross any multivendor wired, wireless and VPN infrastructure. Data Sheet Learn More Adapt to the New Normal Hybrid Workplace Infographic – Aruba Going to the office every day was once the norm. The global pandemic changed all of that, suddenly forcing companies to support thousands of employees working from home. The workplace experience needed to be extended in a secure way, while maintaining great application performance for remote workers. Infographic Learn More Modernizing Cybersecurity in Healthcare – Aruba Healthcare is one of the most targeted and breached industries by cybercriminals. Stolen electronic medical health records are highly lucrative as they give a comprehensive and multi-faceted profile of an individual from which to launch personal identity theft scams as well as phishing and a variety of other cyberattacks to gain access to company networks. At A Glance Learn More IoT Is Here – Aruba CX Switching IN THIS ERA OF THE INTERNET OF THINGS (IoT), THE FORECAST IS OMINOUS: NETWORKS NEED TO ADAPT TO MEET THE DEMANDS OF THE VAST NUMBERS OF IoT DEVICES, TRAFFIC, AND DATA. It’s time to make sure your switching infrastructure and network are prepared for the imminent IoT storm. Transform your network with Auba CX-Switching. Infographic Learn More Vital Cloud Services – 7 reasons to switch to Microsoft 365 As cloud capabilities transform the way companies work in fundamental ways,they need comprehensive solutions designed for a digitally transforming world. Microsoft 365 is a comprehensive, intelligent solution, with tools designed to foster creativity, build teamwork, and simplify security across the enterprise. eBook Learn More Nutanix Enterprise Cloud for Remote Office, Branch Office and Edge The definitive guide to Nutanix Enterprise Cloud for Remote Office, Branch Office and Edge.Meeting the IT needs of remote office, branch office, and edge locations creates significant challenges for already busy IT teams. Onsite infrastructure is often the best option but can be expensive and difficult to manage remotely. Data protection is always a challenge and delivering application performance from limited infrastructure can be problematic. Solution Overview Learn More District Attorney’s Office Leverages Nutanix in Digital Tranformation Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Chosen as the Ideal Platform for Empowering the DA’s Technology-Driven Workforce. Case Study Learn More CX Switching Solution Overview – Aruba The growing use of IoT, the demand for cloud-based services, and business critical mobility are crushing legacy networks. Today’s enterprise network must be able to quickly and safely connect new devices, scale to handle new traffic loads, and provide smart, automated insights to help IT more efficiently operate, manage, and secure the network. Solution Overview Learn More Architecting a Secure Business-Driven SD-WAN – Silver Peak Software-driven wide area networks (SD-WAN) are enabling today’s geographically distributed enterprises to realize the transformational promise of cloud computing, reduce capital and operating costs, provide the highest quality of experience for employees and customers, and adapt quickly to changing business requirements. But cloud computing and business-first networking introduce new security challenges. White Paper Learn More Vital Managed Detection and Response Services Protect Your Business, Find Validate and Stop threats in their tracks, before they do harm. At A Glance Learn More Top 6 Must Have Security Tips for Mid-sized Businesses – Aruba If you’re a midsize business, reducing the risk of security breaches on your network is key. Follow these tried and tested tips to help ensure your company and your network are safe. At A Glance Learn More Cloud Managed Networks – Aruba The secret to Success, discover how a simple, smart and secure network enhances productivity and drives business growth. eBook Learn More Want to Win in 2020? Aruba As an IT pro for a small or midsize business (SMB), you are being pulled in a million different directions and are tasked to do more with less. The good news is you can make your business more simple, smart, and secure by following these 3 tech trends. Infographic Learn More The Aruba AI Advantage Aruba’s customers benefit from our extensive domain expertise. With over 17 years of Wi‑Fi leadership and thousands of installations with millions of access points and switches, our depth of knowledge and data gathered are critical for secure, autonomous network operations. This is extremely useful in delivering the user experience and performance expected for today’s highly mobile workplaces and organizations. Solution Overview Learn More Aruba Clearpass Network Access Control As IT valiantly fights the battle to maintain control, they need the right set of tools to quickly program the underlying infrastructure and control network access for any IoT and mobile device – known and unknown. Today’s network access security solutions must deliver profiling, policy enforcement, guest access, BYOD onboarding and more to offer IT-offload, enhanced threat protection and an improved user experience. Solution Overview Learn More The (un)official operator’s guide to next-gen networks – Aruba Bring your business into the future by enhancing your network with a modern switching infrastructure and a cloud-like management experience. Explore the following key components of a modern, next-gen network to begin your transformation journey. eBook Learn More Deliver a best-in-class user experience – Aruba Aruba CX next-gen switching portfolio. User experience, whether employee, guest, customer, or student, impacts an organization’s success. IT leaders constantly need to improve customer-facing technology, enhance the working environment, and plan for the future. eBook Learn More Aruba Green AP Mode Today’s mobile and application technologies can do amazing things to help us work more efficiently and make our lives simpler. But these devices and apps consume energy – and in today’s competitive business climate, energy costs impact the bottom line. Aruba Green AP mode enables organizations to reduce power consumption and operating costs without affecting the end user experience. At A Glance Learn More Intelligent, Self-Managing Flash Storage – HPE HPE Nimble Storage is a modern enterprise storage platform that reimagines the storage experience. It combines the power of artificial intelligence (AI) with a flash-optimized storage portfolio to deliver fast and reliable access to data and radically simplifies operations. Solution Overview Learn More Hybrid IT for Dummies – HPE Lear to discern the best location for individual workloads, identify how hybrid IT is the way of the future, and more. eBook Learn More Top 5 Reasons to Consider HPE Nimble Storage DHCI WHAT IS HPE NIMBLE STORAGE DHCI? HPE Nimble Storage dHCI is an intelligent platform that disaggregates compute and storage, as well as integrates hyperconverged control for simple management on a flexible architecture Infographic Learn More Intelligent Storage – HPE Unlock data's potential with Intelligent Storage. Extracting value from data is central to the digital transformation required for businesses to succeed in the decades to come. At A Glance Learn More Intelligent Data Platform eBook – HPE Turn data challenges into business opportunities with an Intelligent Data Platform. Harness the power of data and reimagine how data is delivered, managed, and analyzed. eBook Learn More Intelligent Data Platform – HPE Harness the transformative power of data across hybrid computing environments. Infographic Learn More Intelligent Data Platform – HPE Intelligence changes Everything. Reimagine how data is delivered, managed and analyzed. Data helps enterprises discover new ways to be more competitive, more profitable, and more innovative, but only when it is available at the right place and the right time. White Paper Learn More Nutanix Mine Secondary Storage Simplified. Data Sheet Learn More Nutanix in 30 Seconds What does Nutanix do? At A Glance Learn More One Platform Any App – Nutanix Your cloud your choice, the adoption of private cloud is growing. Infographic Learn More Simplify Digital Workspaces as a Services Nutanix The digital workspace is spearheaded by technology and innovation that enables end-users to access services, tools, and applications from any connected device regardless of their location. Not all digital work spaces are created equal. At A Glance Learn More Security Whitepaper – Aruba Hackers are infiltrating your business. They are exploiting IoT, mobility and complacency to breach your enterprise.Aruba ClearPass brings visibility, control and security response to the anywhere, anytime, any-device enterprise White Paper Learn More Improve your branch operations – Aruba Improve your branch operations by up to 68% over the next 3 years with Aruba networking SD-Branch. Infographic Learn More Software Defined(SD) Branch Solution Overview – Aruba SOFTWARE DEFINED BRANCH Revolutionizing the branch for today's digital era Solution Overview Learn More Aruba Central – Aruba SIMPLIFIED CLOUD NETWORKING WITH ARUBA CENTRAL Solution Overview Learn More CX Switching Solution Overview – Aruba Aruba A next-gen, cloud-native portfolio spanning from the edge access to data center Solution Overview Learn More First Aid for Networks – Aruba IT EMERGENCY 101, infographic Infographic Learn More IoT is Here – Aruba IS YOUR SWITCHING INFRASTRUCTURE READY TO WEATHER THE STORM? At A Glance Learn More Drive Your Business Into the Future – Aruba Aruba CX-switching Infographic Infographic Learn More ARIA Cybersecurity Solution – Advanced Threat Detection and Response (ADR), Solution Overview A single platform for enterprise-wide automated threat detection and remediation. Solution Overview Learn More The ARIA ADR Advantage At A Glance The ARIA Advanced Detection and Response (ADR) application provides superior threat detection and containment functionality in a single, purpose-built solution. It finds, validates, and stops threats — inside the box, no SOC required. At A Glance Learn More Vital Unified Communications as a Service – Flyer There is only upside to be gained when utilizing Vital UCaaS; it’s valued features and seamless functionality can completely enhance the communication that flows in and out of your business. At A Glance View Make your storage and all of IT smarter – HPE To gain insights from your data you need to empower it, care for it, protect it, and make it accessible. Intelligent storage—the first step to self-managing IT—helps unlock data’s potential. Infographic View Make IT Smarter with Intelligent Storage – HPE The growing complexity of managing and securing data prevents businesses from gaining its full value. Learn how Hewlett Packard Enterprise optimizes data storage across hybrid cloud environments to gain maximum value. White Paper View In-house IT .vs. Vital ™ Managed IT Services ROI Using CSPi Vital Managed IT Services, you get 24/7/365 proactive monitoring, managing and maintenance of your infrastructure. Guaranteed support backed by SLA’s. Reduction in operational and capital expenses. More time to focus on your core business. Access to more IT resources for a predictable flat fee. Infographic View Vital Managed Unified Communications as a Service Speed is the new currency of business, giving competitive rise to those who can quickly pull together, motion through major decisions, and bring new ideas to light. Vital UCaaS optimizes productivity by increasing real-time communication across services such as presence, mobility, unified messaging, and video conferencing. At A Glance View A Mobile First Network – Aruba For small and midsize businesses, a network optimized for mobile can provide a real competitive advantage. Here’s what you need to know. eBook View SD-WAN Infographic – Cisco Can Your WAN Keep Up? Infographic View SD-WAN eBook – Cisco How SD-WAN will Transform the Network And lead to innovative, profitable business outcomes. eBook View Simply Your Path to Multi-Cloud – Juniper Infographic View Simplifying Enterprise Network Architecture to Succeed in the Cloud Era – Juniper The Enterprise WAN Buyer’s Guide eBook View 9 Steps to Build A Smarter Network – Aruba This 9 step checklist will help you deploy a smarter, more reliable Wi-Fi network. eBook View Build the Right Network the First Time – Aruba Sample deployments across the globe Case Study View Top 5 Network Device Incidents You Need Visibility Into – Netwrix You need to stay on top of all changes to the configuration of your network devices, such as their protocols, ports and connection limits, since any unauthorized or improper modification could lead to connectivity issues — including the entire network becoming unreachable. eBook View What’s On Your Network? Aruba From the Internet of Things (IoT) to an always-on mobile workforce and BYOD, today’s organizations face an increasingly complex IT infrastructure more exposed to cyberattacks than ever before. Is your business ready? It’s time to be Aruba Secure. Infographic View Security Assessments Solution Overview Everyone talks about an intensifying threat landscape. But today’s security conversations need to go beyond scare tactics and hyperbole. They need to be focused, pragmatic, and emphasize actionable insights. The focus on sophisticated threats has validity, but it is often misplaced for many organizations. They tend to be most vulnerable as a result of risks that intersect at the path of least resistance – email phishing, ineffective malware controls, compromised and weak passwords, and the like. Solution Overview View Vital™ Managed Cloud Services Powered by Azure Many of our clients have struggled with these challenges. They felt frustrated with their existing IT operations and wanted alternatives that didn’t require substantial investments in equipment, people, and time. Our Vital™ Cloud Service solution mitigates these issues by helping our clients to simplify IT operations, maximize uptime, protect critical data, and gain flexibility to scale up or down based on their business needs. At A Glance View CSPi Professional Services at a Glance At A Glance View CSPi Technology Solutions CSPi Technology Solutions enable our client’s business goals with innovative technology solutions by partnering with the best of breed technology providers. We provide IT Professional services to help accelerate technology adoption and Managed IT services to help decrease CAPEX, OpEx, and increase productivity. At A Glance View Making a bold move away from traditional IT, Broward College embraces its Cloud First vision as a driver of student success. The VP of IT at Broward College gives an in-depth interview of how CSPi Technology Solutions’ Vital™ Managed IT Services offerings are helping her realize her Cloud First Vision. Case Study View Vital™ Managed Cloud Services Minimize disruptions to critical IT systems and business downtime. CSPi Technology Solutions' Vital Managed Cloud Services provides industry-leading cloud services that are perfect for your business. With our Managed Cloud Services, you'll save time, improve agility, increase scalability, and reduce overall costs. At A Glance View Vital™ Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Vital™ Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Services powered by Veeam offers a platform that gives you agility, availability and business acceleration. Veeam® is the global leader in Backup that delivers Cloud Data Management which entails backup and recovery, cloud mobility, monitoring and analytics, orchestration and automation, and governance and compliance for ALL data. At A Glance Learn More Vital™ Managed Security Services Security is the #1 priority for organizations of every size and industry. With a significant increase in the number of cyber-attacks year over year, CSPi Technology Solutions Vital Managed Security Services is the perfect solution. This approach delivers a cost-effective managed service, gives you the best way to mitigate risks and strengthen your overall defenses. At A Glance View Terms and Conditions This agreement contains the terms and conditions that apply to your purchase from Modcomp, Inc. These terms and conditions apply unless the customer has signed a separate purchase agreement with Modcomp. Policies View Return Policy CSPi TS strongly recommends that Customer fully insures the return shipment in case it is lost or damaged. Policies View Five Critical Areas of IT That are Transforming Business Today Amidst the vast IT infrastructure landscape, there are certain strategic areas of focus that loom larger than others to advance new business. Any new idea or any new innovation won't be achieved without technology as the principal driver. The five areas of the IT infrastructure play pivotal roles in driving and sustaining digital business performance. White Paper View Vital® Managed IT Services by CSPi Vital Managed IT Services can help accelerate your business success by taking on the heavy lifting of your IT Infrastructure. This will allow you to focus on your core business. CSPi supports the entire life cycle of technology innovation and IT services specializing in network solutions, wireless and mobility, unified communications and collaborations, data center solutions, and advanced security. Videos View Is the Cloud Really Safe? Protect Users from Threats – Juniper Juniper Unite from Juniper Networks and CSPi's Myricom ARC Series work together to build a cloud-based network that keeps your cloud data safe. Some benefits include- simplify with a scalable and resilient infrastructure, support large numbers of diverse mobile devices, and realize the full potential of mobility. Infographic View The Five Forces of an Impenetrable IT Defense CSPi Technology Solutions combines the might of five IT solutions for one comprehensive threat response- Network Solutions, Wireless and Mobility, Data Center Solutions, Advanced Security, and Unified Communications. Infographic View Vital Managed Monitoring and Management Services Your IT infrastructure is critical to your business' success. Any downtime could have adverse effects on your company's reputation, productivity, and even your revenues and profits. When it comes to monitoring and managing your network- and keeping it up and running- failure is simply not an option. CSPi's Vital Managed Monitoring and Management Services provides 24/7/365 oversight of your entire IT infrastructure and is completely backed with service-level agreements. At A Glance View Vital Managed Collaboration Services CSPi's Vital Managed Unified Communications service offers a solution to the ever changing update in technology- a suite of fully customized, managed solutions to make your business better connected. Efficient IT is critically important but shouldn't take your focus off the core business. At A Glance View Vital Managed IT Services By outsourcing your IT services to CSPi Technology Solutions, you will achieve significant cost savings and increased operational efficiency. Your IT infrastructure is a critical business asset and ensuring it's health is paramount to your business' success. CSPi's Vital Managed IT Services portfolio includes: Vital Managed Monitoring and Management Services, Vital Managed Security Service, Vital Managed Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Service, and Vital Managed Collaboration Services. At A Glance Learn More Vital™ Security Auditor CSPi's Vital Auditing solution- Powered by Netwrix guarantees full transperancy of your managed environment and delivers complete visibility into IT infrastructure changes and data access. Netwrix Corporation is the IT auditing company, providing software that maximizes visibility into what, when, where and who has access to what. At A Glance View Hired Hacker Service CSPi's Hired Hacker Service assesses and penetrates your current infrastructure to unveil potential weaknesses within not only your network, but also your workforce. This service includes Risk Evaluation, Penetrations Testing, Website Auditing, and Social Engineering. At A Glance View Wireless & Mobility Services Wireless security refers to the prevention of unauthorized access or damage to computing using wireless networks. CSPi Technology Solutions' wireless and mobility engineers- some of the most widely respected experts in the country-understand the new realities created by BYOD, and how best to address them. CSPi has the experience and technology resources to be your single wireless solutions provider. At A Glance View Unified Communications & Collaboration Unified Communications & Collaboration is an evolving communications technology architecture that allows organizations to unify all forms of human and device communications to create a "common experience." CSPi Technology Solutions works with you to evaluate your employees' communication needs, who they communicate with and the tools they use. At A Glance View Network Solutions Your network is the lifeblood of your enterprise, the layered infrastructure by which vital information is delivered throughout the organization. CSPi Technology Solutions has a proven track record of delivering reliable and scalable networking solutions for companies in a broad range of industries, including financial services and healthcare, where data accessibility is critical. At A Glance View Advanced Security Security controls often turn out to be reactionary rather than strategic, implemented in response to a failed security audit. CSPi Technology Solutions prevents this from happening through foresight and detailed planning and preparation- all critical to any effective long-term security solution. At A Glance View

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