Automatically find and stop 99% of threats with Vital™ Managed Detection and Response Service

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Security is the #1 priority for organizations of every size and industry. With a significant increase in the number of cyber attacks year over year, our Vital™ Managed Detection and Response services are the perfection solution. This approach delivers a cost-effective managed service, gives you the best way to mitigate risks and strengthen your overall defenses.  

Vital™ MDR Benefits

Block attacks, protect your assets, and monitor your network around the clock

Offload security management to defend your network against hackers, bots, and other threats

Receive real-time alerts to investigate suspicious activity in real-time and prevent successful attacks

Prevent attacks with 24x7x365 threat prevention, threat intelligence, and analysis tools

Gain a complete solution for security monitoring, visibility, and compliance

Vital™ MDR Services

MDR Icon Block

Detection and Response

Protect your business. Find, validate and stop threats int their tracks

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Cloud Detection and Response

Safeguard your cloud instances, cloud services, applications and remote workers the affordable way.

Vital™ MDR Features

Find the threats that matter

Those that other security tools typically miss.

Stop attacks early in the kill chain

Real-time identification before harm is done.

MDR services platform

Effective and highly automated for very profitable MDR service offerings

Resource light

Easy to deploy; system does the work of a SOC analyst for you out of the box.

Reduce costs

Functionality equal to security operations center without the expense.

Validate alerts

Drastically reduce the volume of alerts and surface the real threats and attacks.

Other Security Services

SEC Icon Block

Manage Security Service

A comprehensive approach, gives you the best way to mitigate risks and strengthen your overall defenses.

Security Audit Icon Block

Security Auditing Service

Get a complete picture of third party actions across your environment, powered by Netwrix.

Resources Icon HiredHacker

Hired Hacker Service

We assess and penetrate your current infrastructure to unveil potential weaknesses in your network.

security assessment solution

Security Assessment Service

Avoid being another cyber attack statistic with a security assessment service.

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Vital Managed Detection and Response service can help keep your business protected from cyber criminals and gives you the best way to mitigate risks and strengthen your overall defenses.  

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