Enhance the performance and security of your wireless network with Vital™ Managed Wireless Services and WaaS

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Vital™ Managed Wireless Service and WaaS enables you to shift the responsibility of wireless network management to our experts. With our Vital™ Wireless-as-a-service offer, you can enhance your existing network capabilities by adding wireless, without the investment in technology, skills, or ongoing management.
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Vital™ Wireless Benefits

Proactive Support

24/7/365 proactive support backed by service level agreements.

Cost Savings

Reduced capital expenditures on wireless technology with one monthly rate.


Quickly scale your wireless network as your business grows without service interruption.


Mobile-friendly secure guest access.

Network Insight

Gain valuable insights with user presence and application-visibility analytics.

The (un)Official Operator's Guide to Next-Gen Networks

This guide outlines the most critical essentials to have in place to minimize the the impact of a disaster on your business operations. 

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Vital™ Managed Wireless Features

Wireless Assessment

Skilled engineers will review your existing wireless capabilities and prepare a detailed plan to determine your current and future needs with a comprehensive strategy.

24/7/365 Monitoring

We use real-time analytics, we’ll keep tabs on how your network performs and how your team uses their wireless devices around the clock.

Proactive Support

Our experts are work hard behind the scenes to pre-empt problems before they occur. If unexpected problems appear, you’ll be confident our engineers are ready to fix.

A Secure Enviornment

Our experts are well-versed in the advanced security technologies and compliance standards, preventing unauthorized access to your networks using the latest sophisticated tools.

Outsource your Network Management to an MSP

As organizations look for more efficient ways to utilize IT, many are actively considering outsourcing their network management to local MSPs to pace with changing business needs.

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Why Vital™ Managed Wireless & WaaS?

Vital™ WaaS Resources


Want to know how your network solution stakes up? Compare yourself against your industry peers.

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From IoT to an always-on mobile workforce and BYOD. What’s on your network?

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Move forward with a modern solution that makes your business more efficient, agile, and available.

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Learn more about Vital™ Wireless and WaaS

Vital Managed Wireless and WaaS service can enhance your network infrastructure to deliver continuous connectivity.

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