Wired and Wireless Access, Driven by Juniper-Mist AI

The enterprise networking market is in transition. Traffic is increasing rapidly. More and more services are being delivered wirelessly. And companies are finding that today’s requirements cannot be met with yesterday’s concepts. Juniper driven by Mist AI, answers these challenges with an intelligent, cloud-based AI platform.

The network for the AI-Driven Enterprise.

Experience is the new uptime. The network for the next decade is revolutionizing enterprise networks with AI-driven automation, actionable insights, and the agility plus elasticity of a microservices cloud. It applies artificial intelligence and data science tools to deliver optimized experiences and simplified network operations. Traditional wired and wireless LAN solutions are built on antiquated architectures that lack the scale, reliability, and agility needed to address today’s diverse enterprise needs.

Juniper driven by Mist AI, offers wired and wireless access solutions including the EX Series Switches, Juniper access points, and Juniper Mist Cloud Services. Leveraging this solution, CSPi Technology Solutions team of IT experts can streamline operations and simplify user and device troubleshooting, while delivering innovative and strategic projects with IoT and location services.


EX Switch:

These cloud-grade switches are designed for the converged enterprise branch, campus, and data center, and for service providers. They address growing enterprise demands for high availability, unified communications, and virtualization.

Juniper Access Point:

Juniper is leading the convergence of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® LE and IoT with our enterprise-grade Access Points. Juniper access points work in conjunction with the Juniper Mist Cloud Architecture driven by Mist AI to collect and analyze metadata in near real-time from all wireless clients.

Juniper Mist Cloud Services:

The cloud wireless solution is the industry’s first and only platform that delivers amazing wired and wireless experiences for end users, IoT devices and clients while simplifying and automating operations for IT teams.

A Better Way to Network

Benefits of Juniper Networks driven by Mist AI

Cloud-based AI platform
Mist AI monitors traffic at a granular level across all wired and wireless endpoints and use agile micro-services and anonymized analysis to dynamically optimize the network. In this way, wireless and wired networks can be efficiently and dynamically controlled and a wide range of parameters can be automatically optimized using service level expectations (SLEs).

Powerful WLAN-AP
The Juniper Mist cloud architecture includes a wide range of market-leading WLAN access points with integrated BLE support. The systems combine outstanding WLAN performance with innovative BLE technology, making it easy for you and your customers to provide attractive location-based services. The access points collect extensive metadata from the network as standard and thus provide the data foundation for the self-learning AI platform.

Customized cloud services
Juniper Mist Cloud Services enable us to provide you with a wide range of customized hybrid and cloud-based services, making it easy for you to continuously monitor the performance and transmission quality in your customers’ corporate networks and automatically adapt them to the specifications and requirements of the users. Also include software updates, cloud management, analytics tools and comprehensive support for the licensed Juniper access points and Juniper Mist EX switches.

Simplified onboarding
Wired switches and wireless access points can be easily and quickly connected to the Juniper Mist cloud architecture, giving network administrators complete transparency of network performance and service levels at the push of a button.

Flexible deployment
Global templates from the cloud enable the roll-out of consistent switch, access point or site configurations. The Juniper Mist cloud architecture automatically recognizes which devices are connected and can automatically select suitable port profiles.

Automated enforcement of wired and wireless SLEs
With SLEs, network administrators gain deep insight into LAN and WLAN operations and can continuously monitor throughput, connections and general parameters.

Virtual network assistant Marvis
Using the cloud-based AI engine to anonymously analyze the behavior of the network, devices and applications, it knows what your users’ experiences are like and can help you if the network quality does not meet desired specifications.

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