Financial Services

Financial data is a prime target for today’s hackers. It must be protected while still being easily accessible to authorized users. CSPi has the data center, networking and security expertise to help you meet both needs.

Making Data Accessible AND Secure

You’re the custodian of critical data – huge volumes of critical data. It must be protected from a constantly evolving array of threats but it must also be available for use by your applications and portions accessible to your customers. That makes for a tough balancing act.

Fast Access, but Only for Authorized Users

An effective network design is based on understanding the different dimensions of security. Data in transit within your network is best protected with one set of encryption and verification processes. Data communications moving between your network and others, or out to mobile devices, requires a different set of security processes, while data at rest within your storage systems needs yet another approach. Making it all function seamlessly is a huge challenge.

We Roll Up Our Sleeves and Get to Work

We understand the unique requirements of financial institutions, both data access and data security, with experience in meeting those requirements. One of our teams recently engaged with a customer to design and deploy a system with multiple levels of security for a new petabyte-level data storage facility; it is now central to their operations.

Find solutions that secure and optimize financial transactions.