Transform your Communication with Vital™ Unified Communication as a Service

Powered by Cisco®

Elevate your communications with tools made for collaboration. Powered by Cisco®, Vital™ UCaaS solution delivers modern applications and tools your business needs to be more productive from any location or device. Connect your employees wether  they are in the office or remote to the systems they use daily with high availability. Benefit from convenient, affordable, and scalable collaboration features with seamless integration. 

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Vital™ UCaaS Benefits

Increase Productivity

Vital™ UCaaS optimizes productivity by increasing real-time communication across services such as presence, mobility, unified messaging, and video conferencing.


Vital™ UCaaS promotes convenient collaboration, alleviating the need for long travels to your company’s office while adding the ability to unite via video conference, saving both time and money.

Cost Savings

With the implementation of Vital™ UCaaS, a company with 100 employees can estimate a daily savings of 191 hours. At 49,660 hours per year, crossed with today’s average hourly pay rate, savings can breach 1.3 million dollars.


Essential Questions to Ask When Selecting a New Communication Service Provider

It can be daunting with so many service providers to choose from for a UCaaS solution. To help, here are essential questions you can ask.

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Vital™ UCaaS Features


Our cloud-based phone system makes it easy to handle inbound and outbound calls, and keep your employees and remote teams connected with a feature-rich cloud phone calls on any device.


Transform your conferences with video conferencing from any device, secure meetings with end-to-end encryption, and specialized platforms for events and training.


Increase collaboration and streamline productivity with one app to launch the features you need, centralized team rooms, and file sharing, screen capture, and whiteboards.


Unified Messaging that enhances collaboration letting users’ access and manage messages from an email, web browser, IP phone, smartphone, or tablet.


Corporate telephony, a cloud-hosted PBX for full-featured, enterprise-grade IP telephony for any size organization.


Unified Communication which enables session and call control for video, voice, messaging, mobility, instant messaging, and presence which bring people together anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


Conferencing allows users to meet with anyone online to present, share, and collaborate, to get business results quickly, increase team productivity, and lower costs.


Contact Center helps clients deliver proactive and personalized customer experiences with seamless omnichannel interactions.

Why Choose Vital™ UCaaS

Vital™ Managed Unified Communication

With Vital™ Managed Unified Communication service you can be confident that your technology remains current and resolve any potential performance issues quickly. Our management professionals are highly skilled in the complete suite of Cisco UC solutions.

Vital™ UCaaS Resources


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Move forward with a modern solution that makes your business more efficient, agile, and productive.

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Learn more about Vital™ UCaaS

Vital UCaaS optimizes productivity by increasing real-time communication across services such as presence, mobility, unified messaging, and video conferencing. 

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